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Our Teachers

Radiant Way Montessori is proud to serve our community with a full staff of qualified and caring teachers. We have a blend of MACTE accredited Montessori trained teachers and RECEs (Registered Early Childhood Educators) or qualified ECAs (Early Childhood Assistants). Our staff constantly pursues professional development opportunities and some of our teachers even hold diplomas in both Montessori pedagogy and Early Childhood Education. Radiant Way Montessori’s exceptional staff often mentors and hosts student-teachers completing placement hours from their respective programs. 

Ms. Anahita 

Ms. Anahita, the principal and owner of Radiant Way Montessori, is a MACTE accredited Montessori Directress who graduated from the Canadian Montessori Teachers’ Education Institute (CMTEI) in 2003.

With a keen love and respect for children, Ms. Anahita, the mother of twin daughters Naomi & Natasha, started her Montessori teaching career with a belief that early childhood education is a critical stage of development in a child’s life. She strongly believes that the development of personal dignity and ability in each child, no matter how young, is one of the most valuable and permanent benefits of a Montessori education. This is the gift she strives to give to each one of her Montessori children. It is on rare occasion that you may find Ms. Anahita in the office as she spends her day teaching the children in the Casa classroom! Along with teaching Montessori, Ms. Anahita is also a certified Children’s Yoga instructor and shares this gift with the children each week. 

Eager to pass on the Montessori torch to new teachers-in-training, Ms. Anahita is also affiliated with the Canadian Montessori Teachers’ Education Institute as a Master Teacher instructor since 2010.

Ms. Anahita also owns another Montessori school in Markham, by the name of Montessori North School.

Ms. Naomi 

Ms. Anahita, is truly blessed to have her daughter Ms. Naomi at Radiant Way Montessori to continue her vision for excellence in Montessori education.

Ms. Naomi is a MACTE accredited Montessori Directress from CMTEI. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences Degree in Early Childhood. Ms. Naomi is involved in every part of the undertakings of Radiant Way Montessori School and shares Ms. Anahita’s passion to install in children a joy for learning and love for life!