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Son, Age 3

My son always has been a little ball of frenetic energy, and before coming to Radiant Way Montessori, we really didn’t know how to harness all that energy within him. It was difficult for him to listen, to follow orders, or to hunker down and focus on a single activity for more than 5 minutes. We thought that being a toddler going through terrible two, this was the norm and how all kids should behave. That made his transformation after coming to Radiant Way Montessori all the more astounding.  

He started in pre-casa,  and after about two months, when he settled into the classroom environment, I noticed one day something amazing.  He washed his hands just so, pumped the soap with a controlled movement, then toweled his hands dry like a little gentleman. This was the start of  something different! I thought to myself. Not long after, one morning when we were having breakfast, he started to hum, “Apple apple A, A, A, Baby baby B, B, B…”  The first song he ever learned from school. He had that wonderful expression on his little face, as if he was proud that he was able to sing this song in its entirety. Pretty soon, he didn’t need my help putting on shoes anymore, and on top of that he began putting them neatly together by the door after coming from outside. Then one Saturday morning, he asked beseechingly, “Can I go to school today, pleeeease?” I couldn’t believe what I heard, but he really started to enjoy school. By this time, I noticed also that he became less frantic, hectic and all over the place. Maybe it had something to do with him turning three, but I really believe that an enabling environment that supported self learning and encouraged the mastery of his own muscles and movements, went a long way in calming his nerves. He was still very much a cheerful and bubbly boy, but by now he could sit down and focus on something that interested him for more than 20 minutes. 

By this time, Principal Anahita, that wonderful woman, decided to put my son in Casa, even though he was youngest. I wasn’t sure if he was ready, but she was certain that this was the best way to go. Till this day, I feel so grateful for her decision to switch him. Once in Casa,  it seemed that all this pent up energy in my son suddenly found an opening to release. He started to learn the alphabet, the numbers, and French all at the same time. He wasn’t pushed but gravitated naturally towards these activities, simply because he found them so interesting. At first, it was letters on everyday objects that he wanted to sound out, and numbers of fruits and snacks he wanted to count out.

Then, it was simple 3-letter words he tried to spell, and odd and even numbers he attempted to differentiate. Now, after not even a year in Casa, he is reading sentences everywhere, doing multiplications, and dividing the bowl of blueberries we give him by 2, 3 and 4! But even more amazing than his academic achievements to us as parents, is his mastery of practical life activities and social graces. We really couldn’t praise enough of the patient and kind teachers and staff who always had the best interests of the children at heart. Nor could we over exaggerate the passion, foresight and caring consideration of Principal Anahita, who always went above and beyond our expectation for providing the very best education and loving care for all children. Thank you, Radiant Way Montessori! 

Xi Luo

Every parent wants the best for their child… and Radiant Way Montessori is the best.  There are so many positive things to say about the school. It has been such a blessing to our family! Our daughter started at Radiant Way at 20 months, I was a nervous first time mom searching for a daycare that made me feel safe and comfortable leaving my child. My husband and I toured several daycares and Montessori schools in Markham and nothing compared to Radiant Way.  My daughter is happy and she loves to go to school. There is nothing more delightful than having a child who loves to learn and comes home to show the things she learnt. Ms. Anahita and her excellent staff members encourage all the different personalities and adapt to support each child. As part of the Montessori curriculum, I understand the independent activities that focus on different areas. I believe my daughter is an independent child and the Montessori method in Radiant Way will benefit her immensely. Though she is going there for only 4 months now, I am very satisfied with her progress and the quality of education she receives. 

Apart from her being happy there, I am also very happy with the teachers and overall. The school is super clean and extremely organized. I was amazed to see how quiet the kids are there, not because they are afraid of something, it’s because they are busy. Each and everyone is busy with their activities. Her teachers, Ms. Catherine, Ms. Carol and Ms. Naomi are so friendly and enthusiastic about teaching the kids. With my super hectic schedule, I am at ease when she is in the school. I know she is in good hands. The school building is safe and secure; it’s a nice little building with a fenced playground. Oh I have to mention that the playground is huge! That was one of the many deciding factors when we chose Radiant Way. We can’t say enough how much we LOVE Radiant Way and how thankful we are to have them in our lives!

Doyel & Soumajit

We have been a part of the Radiant Way Montessori family since 2010 and both our children have attended in that time.  The teachers are dedicated to providing children with the best Montessori education and experience, and you will not find a more nurturing and caring group of teachers.  This is definitely not a play based daycare, as they strive to follow the Montessori methods and use Montessori materials. Our oldest who graduated from Radiant Way has continued to hold onto what she learned and has thrived ever since.  When you walk into the school you can see the passion, flare and love of teaching.  We could not have entrusted our children in better hands, and have nothing but praise for Ms. Anahita and all the teachers.  We firmly believe that both of our children have definitely been given the best building blocks to keep them on the road to success.

Lydia Kim & Raymond Kao

I was fortunate to receive a Montessori education as a young child at a time when Montessori education was not mainstream in North America and I wanted my children to have the benefit of the Montessori method. The Montessori philosophy for early childhood education believes that children have an innate love of learning and that the early years is a crucial time for this development. The physical materials and structured environment of the Montessori classroom encourages children’s sensory experience and they develop their skills with a degree of choice and independence, which builds confidence. Working at their own pace and learning from each other, children learn life skills in addition to early academic skills in an environment that is non-competitive.

When looking for a Montessori school for our son, we were fortunate to receive the recommendation of Radiant Way. Ms. Anahita and the teachers at Radiant Way are dedicated and passionate about education and they offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for children. More than all I know from my own experience, the evidence is in seeing our son, Daniel, develop from a shy toddler into a confident young boy. In our interactions with the teachers, we were always struck by how well they knew Daniel in that they knew his approach to learning and what he needed to build on his progress. In the four years that he has been with Ms. Anahita and her wonderful staff, we have never worried about what he is doing at school as we know he is happy and well-cared for and in the best environment to develop a love of learning. With Daniel graduating this year and his sister, Amelia, starting Radiant Way next year, we are so thankful to Ms. Anahita and the Radiant Way teachers for the gift of learning that they bring to every child!

Daniel’s Parents

Radiant way Montessori is a school which shines with love, genuine care, and is a beautiful introduction to a child’s education. Enrolling our son at 18 months was one of the best decisions we have made. Within a short time we went from being nervous first time parents, to having full peace of mind that the teachers would love and care for him like their own. Their genuine love and dedication for each child shows in the special and close relationships created; I could feel it right away, and knew my son felt it too. 

Throughout the past two years we have seen him blossom and grow- not only academically but with social skills, confidence and personality too. There is no limit to the materials and subjects covered in class, and we are often surprised and delighted when he reports new facts and knowledge, such as naming all of the planets and continents!

From our hearts, we are grateful to be a part of the Radiant Way community and look forward to watching him grow even more in the time ahead. 

The Ali Family

Our son was two years and two months old when he first joined Pre-Casa class at Radiant Way Montessori School (RWMS) on January 2017. He was cared in another school since September 2016 and we chose RWMS as the better place for him because during our visit Ms. Naomi’s Casa class children impressed us. We saw that the children were so much more capable of independent and being courteous in classroom compared to Casa students in the previous school. That was enough proof to us that our son will have a better future in RWMS, especially that he can start from Pre-Casa in RWMS. We can see it for ourselves too that he loved the class. He enjoyed many of the activities and interacting with the children during the quick visit.

We visited both RWMS and Montessori North School (MNS) to learn about the school. As we tour each one, it was like seeing Maria Montessori vision come alive. The school interior is clean, cozy, and most importantly the children are happy with the activities.

Within two weeks of attendance in RWMS, we have seen SO MUCH improvement in our son’s demeanor. He has become happier, livelier, and calmer.

At parent-teacher meeting, we were really impressed by Ms. Naomi who attended our session together with the Pre-Casa teachers. She explained to us that our son was going through the exploratory stage of cause-and-effect and it is not necessarily negative behavior when he drops or throws things to the floor. The teachers will pay attention to this behavior at class and build his understanding to pick up and return things gently. This changed our perspective as parents because it means this behavior does not mean he was acting naughty and as adults we need to show him the way to gently place things. As parents, we appreciate this kind of observation and explanation as its weight in gold. The same observation was shared to us in previous school but the difference is, we were told to tell him to stop if he exhibited this behavior at home.

Just this week, Ms. Anahita shared with us another observation and solution regarding our son’s language development. She suggested with genuine care to start considering a speech therapy for our son and it is to his benefit to begin early. Another case in point that at RWMS, they care for the children’s learning and development.

Now it has been two months since the first day our son joined RWMS and we continue to have thank you and praises to RWMS. Thank you for providing a safe and beautiful environment for our son to learn. Thank you for having loving and caring teachers for him while we were not beside him. Thank you for teachers that have great care and communication with us too.

For anyone looking for a true Montessori school that will help your children to be independent and have solid foundation in mathematics and language, RWMS is the right place. You will get loving and supportive teachers for your children, and most importantly a true and AUTHENTIC Montessori learning for your children’s future.

P.S.: the greener grass (pun intended) at RWMS and MNS is real!

Monika Tjota & Alex Teng